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About Us

About Us

Who are we

Our Approach


Our Companies and our teams give us first-rate creation, innovation and production capability.


We give people a different experience.

We want to bring alive unique moments around our technologies which enrich people’s daily lives and which they remember for a long time. That’s the power of the live experience: being able to bring together thousands of people. It’s also the power of digital and technology, which can now offer a personalized experience that plays to everyone’s needs, desires and centers of interest.


The LYDDE Group is part of people’s everyday lives for ages.

Together we shared the same emotions. To say that we know each other is an understatement! To continue knowing and serving our audiences better, we are constantly listening, exchanging ideas, testing. Daring creativity and technological innovation have the same aim: to reinvent every day the relationship that unites us.


Offering better content and constantly improving the experience around it requires investment.

This is made possible by our advertising revenues, but also by our ability to innovate in order to create value around our content, our talents and our brands. For us, this ability to create value must be shared, not only with businesses at every level – who can rely on our connection with our audiences – but also with all the charities and causes that we support.

What are our values?


Even if LYDDE is a crypto-company, we have strong values that drive us

Our Identity

We are a player in Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, Software & Content.

People are at the heart of our business from the beginning. The good news is that everywhere in the world, interest in quality and how to rely on technology in a personalized way is on an uptrend.

We have adapted our model to take account of this opportunity. More than just a company, we want to become a community. Today we share and infuse our vision in and through our products.

Our Mission

Being a major player is a unique opportunity, and a great responsibility. Because nothing is more important than human.

Technologies can stimulate one person, ten people or millions of people. It can reveal what is faraway and what is close by. It can change our attitude with others, our world view, and sometimes even the direction of history.

Through all the technologies we design and produce, we want to positively inspire society.

Positively inspiring society means enriching people’s lives by enabling them to experience positive emotions. By telling people about the world and how it is changing. We think that our duty is to reshape the business model people are facing while avoiding to lock or annoy our customer.

Our Ambition

Every day people spend more time on the web, playing or working through the network. And they generate more traffic and discussion around than ever.

This connection is our strength.

Our ambition is to continue to strengthen this relationship, by allying creativity, know-your-customer and technological innovation so that we are always closer to human behavior.

How we are?

Our purpose and beliefs

At LYDDE, our Purpose & Beliefs are the foundations of our shared culture that Motivate us, Unite us, Inspire Us.


Striving to bring imagination, original ideas, and excitement to everything we do


We are at our best when we pursue what we believe in, what we love, and have fun doing it.


Acting with curiosity and courage to experiment, innovate and lead.


Committed to each other, and also to the integrity and accountability needed to be a successful team.